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I don't get down to Tokyo much as it is, and may never make it to
a meeting, but those of you who do might make use of this, which
is from comp.linux.announce:

GLUE---Groups of Linux Users Everywhere

Coming in January 1997, Linux Journal, a publication of SSC, has a
special offer for Linux User Groups.  By purchasing a special Linux
Journal User Group Subscription, user groups will not only get a one
year subscription to the magazine, but will also get a bonus--tools to
help form, maintain, and grow their own user group, and an annual user
group discount on certain SSC publications.  This project is called
GLUE, Groups of Linux Users Everywhere.

Your group can purchase one GLUE---a Linux user group subscription for
the cost of a Linux Journal subscription + $10 USD.

Your User group will get:

* One subscription to Linux Journal sent to the recipient designated by
  the user group

* A 10% discount on publications published by SSC for all user group
  members. These publications include SSC's Pocket References, such as
  the Korn Shell Reference, VI Reference, Java Reference, HTML
  Reference, and other books which SSC publishes. It does not include
  books published by other companies and resold by SSC.

* A Web pointer to your URL, and information about your Linux user
  group, and contact information

* A startup Web page you can use or point to. Sample Web pages include
  "What is Linux?", "Where to Meet", "Establishing a Linux User Group"
  and more.- See

* 10 free "GLUE" bumper stickers

* Sample Linux Journal magazines (10) for your User Group meeting
  give-aways for promotion

* Your group can buy LUG-NUT cds. LUG-NUTs are cds only available to
  Linux user groups and include a distribution of Linux (the Debian
  distribution in 1997).

* We are willing to run a listserver for your group if you don't have


>From the GLUE site, nonmembers, as well as members, will be able to use
the web site to locate nearby user groups or find other users who want
to start a group.

The rates are based upon the cost of your Linux Journal Subscription +
$10 USD; the rates as of Jan 97 for GLUE:

 - gluu $32 in the US,
 - glun $37 in Canada and Mexico
 - gluf $42 outside North America



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