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RSVP for meeting (and partial de-lurk)--PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE

I've been lurking on the list for some time now, and since I just got partia
lly dissentangled from a major work engagement (=more available time), I dec
ided to take this opt'y. to actually begin participating.

This note was mainly to RSVP, but I'll also fill some lines with an overview
of the flaming newbie you're all going to be putting up with questions from

Name: Evan Geisinger, American (San Francisco)
Job (=income source) : Translation (technical Jap-->Eng) + some localization
and a bit of interpreting

Future Job: Software/LNatanguage-related Entrepreneur?

Computer background: Worked selling computers for 5 years in S.F., during Ju
niour High School and High School, and owned and programmed Apple //e.
Also worked until about the time the Mac Plus came out, and knew the fundame
ntals (no applic. development, unless you include BASIC) of MS-DOS. Then was
"away" from the industry for c. 6 yrs. 2 years
Have been using Mac for two past years as a tool for translation, and have m
ore or less given up on putting in what it takes to learn much toolbox progr
amming (the MacOS just ain't appetizing any more... If I'm gonna learn a WIM
Py GUI's API, it'll be JAVA's awt etc. (and maybe XWINDOW)

I've been reading lots of unix (+ 2 or 3 Linux) books recently, and am about
to buy a Linux box (the PowerMac I have now (7600/120 = sole computer) won't
have a MkLinux for it until circa sho-gatsu (Yep, I live in Tokyo), and I ca
n't wait.

Oh, and as you may all have notices, I can't spell.
Yoroshiku o-negai itashimasu

PS. I promise to visit the page with the map on it, and read any FAQ etc. be
fore any other posts (i.e. I'll RTFM).

---See some of you soon, I hope

(About the "please send me a note" in the subject line: I'd appreciate it if
someone would tell me if it's OK to "just show up" at the meeting (i.e. has
the crowd grown too large?-- Send me a "Yup, see ya there" one liner, if you
have the time--- I'm sending this to the list because a buggy script deleted
the messages with the e-mail address of the specific person I should be aski
ng...sorry :-])

a word from the sponsor will appear below
TLUG September 28th meeting is sponsored by Fusion Systems Japan, Inc.,
a global professional services firm.
No. 2 Toshin Aobadai Building 9F, 3-17-13 Aobadai,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153, Japan
Tel: (03)5456-7561   Fax: (03)5458-4422

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