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Re: TLUG meeting

>>>>> "count0" == count0  <> writes:

    >> Everything is still in the planning stage right now for the
    >> next meeting.

    count0> Ok the 28th is fine. We have an open plan office and we
    count0> can move a large meeting table into the middle of it for
    count0> this.

    count0> I just talked to our president, and we can also supply
    count0> some pizza, beer/coffee depending on your preference,
    count0> etc...  10 people is no problem, but I'd like to register
    count0> attendees in advance as much as possible, since 15+ could
    count0> start to get problematic.

I would like to come, but my choir practice got moved to Saturday
(from Sunday).  Since my wife's also in it, I'll have to negotiate
with her (personally I'm tempted to blow it off since nobody ever
explains the reason for such moves, but I don't know if Satoko is
interested in a day in Tokyo as a substitute).

So mark me as a "possible" for now.  Sorry I can't give you a more
explicit answer; I think early and fuzzy is probably better than late
and accurate though.


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