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Re: On bug reporting style [was: Re: Netscape 3.0]

> > Hmm.  I don't know of any pages where the buttons are labelled in
> > Japanese.  I can't check my proposed solution or the bug either.  I
> > bet Darren doesn't either (he wrote "should work" which could either
> > mean "it works on my machine" or "any decent programmer would have

I have made pages where it works, so I expect it is either a browser bug, or a config problem.

> Ok, please try:

This works fine! Both text and the buttons have Japanese on them. I am using Netscape 3.0 on Windows 
95 at the moment.

What is interesting is that it only works if I set the encoding type to Japanese Auto-detect. If I 
force it to be either of Japanese-SJIS *or* Japanese-EUC I get garbage.
This is not logical, but I have no explanation :-)

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