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Strange Shutdown after moving Kernel to 2.0.18

I'm new to this list and to Linux in general (but please, don't think 
of me as just another newbie) and I'm encountering anomalies when I 
issue the shutdown -r now command on my Linux box.

I initially installed RedHat 3.0.x and I had no problems with 
shutdown at that point in time...but since I upgraded my kernel to 
2.0.18, the shutdown sequence gives several screens of INIT: not 
found messages (or something roughly equivalent...I don't have it 
right here.)
It still shutsdown eventually, and it manages to do everything, but 
it takes longer and I'm afraid that it may do some sort of damage to 
the system, so I'd prefer to fix it if anyone has any ideas.

-Jeremy Goodwin

...and Linux for all
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