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Sun4c Floppy Booting

In article <>, (John Little) wrote:
>   Has anyone had any success using the boot floppy files from "vger"
>   or "redhat"? I've tried the "v0" and "v2" versions on a couple of
>   sun4c architecture machines, but never got much further than the
>   "SILO" printed during the initial boot. I always end up with a
>   "Filesystem not found" message and get bounced back to the SILO
>   "boot:" prompt. Is there some secret magic involved in a 4c boot?

I've not tried (given a floppy-less ELC :-), but I recall reading
that there were SILO versions that would never time-out, but instead
just hang.  Did you try using the SHIFT key to get to the SILO prompt?

There is yet another "new" image in the "/devel" directory of this week as well which may be worth a shot.

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