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Re: Zaurus

> Stephen wrote :
> But even that isn't necessary; you can point and shoot at most buttons
> and get the right response.  Icons are pretty well chosen.  You'll
> have to learn about 2-3 dozen kanji (most of which are known to 3rd
> grade children) and know how to read katakana to use the Zaurus
> effectively.  That's all.  Basically, if you can find the right
> bathroom by the kanji for "o-te-arai", "otoko", and "onna", you can
> use the Zaurus.
Geeeeeeeeeee , I can do that !!
I probably but the Zaus tomorrow ...
I`m up to 3rd grade ;->>

> Craig wrote
> The MI-10DC is also called the Color Zaurus in Japan and just
> came out a few months ago.  The DC stands for Digital Camera.
> There is 65,000 colors, backlight and a digital camera on it for
> about 120,000 (????) yen I think.  I'm not interested in the
> MI-10DC since it is more focused on being a multi-media 
> tool rather than a digital assistant.  I can fax you the
> brochure if you want it.
Could you please
My fax number is 044-435-1511 .
I`m thinking of buying the PI-6000 or the PI-7000

regards and thank
leo glynn
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