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Printing w/ LPR

I am having problems printing utilizing LPD, and hope someone can help out. I
have two Linux boxes ( Red Hat 3.0.3 ) running. Computer A has an a remote
printer in its printcap ( HP 4V with a Jet Direct Access card ). On Computer B,
I have a remote printer printcap entry for the Computer A's "lp" queue and IP

I know it would make a lot of sense to print directly from B to the HP but, I
am trying to test some things out for a printer solution.

I have no problems printing from Computer A. When I send something from
Computer B to the printer, LPC status command tells me that Computer B is
waiting for Computer A's queue to be enabled, which it is.

The only thing I can think of is the hosts,lpd file is not set-up properly,
thus no other machines are allowed access. I have messed with this a bit and
have had no results.

Would greatly appreciate any ideas or assistance on this one as I have spent
too many late nights on this one.



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