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Building stuff under X

By the way, has anyone else looked at XForms (T.C.Zhao at
U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee)?  It looks like a pretty good package, and is
much lighter weight than Motif.  In addition it comes with a nice
forms designer, fdesign.

I picked up a Taipei-alike called Shanghai (which is why I picked up
XForms in the first place :-), and had to recompile it (it was
a.out).  The fdesign program allowed me to fix the user interface.  The 
menu bar went "Shanghai Files Options ... Help", and all that was in
Shanghai was "About...".  Sortof Mac-like.  So I moved the "Shanghai"
menu over to right, like in Motif.


for general information.  The FTP server is slower than the line at
the Immigration office (it didn't finish an 800kB transfer in 14
hours), so you should use one of the mirrors:


The German site was slow compared to say, and even
many of the US sites.  But it downloaded the 800kB in about 15
minutes.  I didn't try the Dutch site.

My current "XForms" project is a simple program called "Nag" that asks
me what I'm doing every few minutes and does "rm -rf /usr/games" if it
catches me playing Shanghai too often....  :-)

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