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Re: Sponsor for meeting?

On Sun, 25 Aug 1996, Sun Acad wrote:

> I would be delighted to provide a regular/sporadic meeting place for 
> TLOG at Temple University (Roppongi/Hiroo/Tamachi station), if you 
> still need a place.
> I am not sure about availability on Sundays, but we should be able to 
> arrange a room on one of the other days. 

Saturdays would be fine with me.  I wonder how it would be for other
TLUG members?  I'm sure that a regular meeting place and fixed schedule
would really improve the turnout we have at the TLUG meetings.  There
is an incredible amount of interest in Linux and Japan/Japanese/Linux
and related subjects such as Java.  I think that a little bit of organization
could really strengthen the group and improve the benefits that everyone
receives by participating in the group.  

Are you a professor there?  Is it possible to get a demo machine at the
campus?  Anyway, welcome aboard!  


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