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Re: Whois command and Japanese

On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> the Japanese?  That's what I get anyway.  I assume that the fwhois

This is exactly what I get.

> distributed with Slackware simply isn't 8-bit clean (or worse); as far
> as I can tell the 033's are getting stripped from the JIS escape
> sequences.  There are some JIS-fixing utilities around; or you could
> even try a simple sed or perl script (I haven't been able to make that 
> work).

This sounds like a good idea.  I think that the JE distribution
has a tool like this.

> But I think your best bet would be to see if there's a whois in the JE 
> distribution.

I don't think it's in there.  I even posted to the fj.os.linux
group in Japanese and didn't receive a response.  Actually, I'm
finding that I'm getting less and less responses from USENET in
general.  I remember when I used to get 20 e-mail responses
from a FAQ about e-macs configuration.   Perhaps the frontier
is turning into a city?

Incidently, the problem with arena was that it was somehow getting
corrupted on the download with Netscape.  I eventually downloaded
it with Lynx and used it until it crashed.  The thing that interested
me was the support for Cascading Style Sheets.  Netscape does not
appear to support this.  However, Internet Explorer does.  Unfortunately,
there is no version of this for Linux.  Arena does not support
all of the CSS specification.  Also, it is unstable.  The other
problem is that I don't think it supports Japanese without the Omron
version which is only available in source format.  This means
I would have to compile it with Motif.  I have Mootif, but I haven't
installed it on my new system yet.  

I've looked at GnuScape.  This looked moderately interesting.  However,
the Xemacs interface looked a bit more interesting.  I'm going to
try and install Xemacs.  I wonder if there is any difference between
Xemacs and GNU emacs.  I know that the interface is different, but
I wonder what else?


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