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Re: Linux Questions

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> This is an artifact of the mail system used by TedM's employer.  I
> have a procmail script that strips it.  I will shortly have a procmail 
> script that strips the TWICS ad, and I'll publish that when I've
> written it.  :-)  Nothing against TWICS, but I don't need to see

Actually, this is a good thing to have.  The digests get an
annoying amount of these advertisements.  I want to strip all
of them out except for one at the end.  

Also, any script that stripped out the blurb would be good 
because when the advertisement changed, it would appear.  Of
course, there could be a header on the advertisement that allowed
easy identification.  This is fine too.  

The problem is that some people don't use the procmail delivery

I'll be glad for any enhancement that makes the list more
usuable and friendly for the TLUG members.

-- Craig

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