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Re: Japanese support for RedHat 3.0

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>     Craig> the kernel as a module.  If the package works as
>     Craig> advertised, is there any negative effect of simply loading
>     Craig> everything as a module?
> Not everything works right as a module---this depends on the driver.
> Also, it's possible to get confused about dependencies; loading sr_mod
> does not automatically get you isofs, nor does loading isofs imply
> that sr_mod (SCSI CDROM driver) will be autoloaded.  If everything
> works right, however, AFAIK JWT is right, there's a 0~4K space penalty
> per module and that's it.

I'm having some problems with modules loading properly on the 
first attempt.  For example, the sound support will sometimes have
to be loaded manually.  The CD-ROM support might take two trys
before it loads.  The same thing happened with printer support
a few times.  Thus, I agree that there is a "reliability" penalty
when loading everything as a module.  

I'm using kernel 2.0.7 right now.

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