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Re: xearth

In article <>,
"C. Oda" <> wrote:
>I imagine that the graphic tracking display would be pretty easy to
>display as the root window.  Did you ever get it Jim T?  

No, but I found an interesting kludge...

>I'm pretty satisfied with xearth because it doesn't distract me too much,
>but yet reminds me when Japan is coming up on the horizon...  (means
>way past bedtime....)  :-)  I'm staring at the Red Hat Software dot
>right now.  I had no idea it was on the East coast.  I wonder if I can
>put the TLUG city there on the screen?

Yes, its easy and even kind of neat.  If you run
  xearth -showmarkers >mymarkers
once, it will dump its internal database to stdout.  Capture it to a
file and edit it to suit.  From then on invoke xearth with:
  xearth -markerfile mymarkers

Now the cool bit.  Every time xearth redraws, it rereads the marker
file.  That means that with a little cron entry dumping the positions
of the satellites into the marker file from an old tracking program
that shows current sub-satellite position, xearth can plot these moving
objects.  Ooooh... neat.  A kludge!

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