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Basic Java Discussion

I'm interested in either starting a Java discussion on this list,
joining an existing conversation somewhere on the net, or creating
a new discussion forum.  I'm interested in a smallish virtual
discussion group with people using Java for fun.

My idea is :

  o  English people speaking in Japan, where we can perhaps meet for
	lunch or something sometimes
  o  general "language" questions as well as "what will Java become"
	questions, such as the NC

  o  Japan specific issues, such as Japanese text input and display,
	Japanese search techniques, seminars or classes in Japan,
	books available in Japan, Java personalities in Japan,
	Java related work available or wanted

I can easily create a mailing list if one is needed.  If there is an
existing discussion, it might be better to join in though.  If people
are interested in creating a new list, there is the extremely difficult
question of what to call the list - 

	kisaten?    jjug (Japan Java Users Group)? 

My other thought is that since the TLUG list is becoming low volume,
we could start the discussion here.


****** IMPORTANT Question ***************************************
BTW, is anyone using an ISDN external or internal TA with a Linux
machine in Japan with good results?  It has to be 64K synchronous
for my purposes.  If it is being used to connect to an Ascend MAX
4000, it would be perfect.  Anyone hear of good results.  I'm
looking at a card or box around 20,000 yen.

Craig Oda	
TWICS - Japan's First Public-Access Internet System, 
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