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Re: root window background

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, Jim Schweizer wrote:

> So I tried's great;-) One note though. If Netscape is already
> running then no problem when you fire xfishtank up, but if you start
> xfishtank then try to start Netscape - forget it. (At least on my 486/66)

If colors are the problem, you might try limiting the amount of colors
that xfishtank sucks up.  You can do a 

	$ xfishtank -C 4 &

or maybe a
	$ xfishtank -C 16 &

or add it to your .xinitrc file if you really like the fish.  There
are also a number of tricks to get the fish to swim on gifs or other
background pictures.  You can even scan your child's picture in and 
convert it to fish format.  The directions are in the source somewhere.

Actually, I think I'll add this to me .xinitrc now.  I've been staring
at a serious grey gif root image for too long.

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