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Re: Red Hat Mailing List

In article <>, (Eli G Hunt) wrote:
>Does anyone know if there is a mailing list out there for when programs
>are updated for Red Hat. I found a couple for Debian, but none for Red

Red Hat sponsors a couple of lists.  The easiest way to subscribe is
through the web interface that is available at

redhat-announce is useful, alerting you to new versions of packages
and warning you as potential security holes are plugged.

The general redhat list (or more reasonably redhat-digest, given the
large volume of 60~100 messages a day) can be useful, but its signal
to noise ratio has declined quite a bit and it has become a rather
general Linux mailing list rather than sticking to Red Hat-specific

If you don't want to use the web interface to subscribe, mail to, and in the body of your message send
subscribe redhat-announce (or redhat or redhat-digest as desired).
Jim Tittsler, Tokyo  <URL:>

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