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Japanese support for RedHat 3.0


I've been using RedHat 3.0 for a while and have come to like it.

I was wondering if anyone had set procedures to add Japanese support
to the RedHat distribution.  The JE distribution uses some programs
that are a bit old and I thought it would be good to keep the RedHat
stuff up to date if possible.

I installed the following over RedHat 3.0 on my home system.  

(1) from base set

(2) from mule set
mu2elb1, mu2elb2, mu2etc, mu2info, mu2uty, wmu2xt

(3) from wnn set
wnnsbin, wnncbin, wnnclt, wnndic, wnnman, wnnprog, ki2wnn, wjvim,

(4) from net set

(5) from xclt set

This meets my needs right now.  However, I don't have Japanese
printing support and will probably add it later.  I've noticed
that many TLUGers were using RedHat.  Any tips on adding Japanese
support to RedHat?

I've found the KDD site, to be quite good. 

Re: transparent loading and unloading of kernels

I am in the process of upgrading to kernel 2.0.7 and noticed
the modules 2.0.0 package.  I remember that at the last meeting there
was some discussion about what to put in the kernel as a module.
If the package works as advertised, is there any negative effect
of simply loading everything as a module?  This would eliminate the
need to recompile the kernel if a person changed their ethernet
card or something.


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