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NOTE 07-14-96 09:15:32 PM

>I don't need the Japanese ability and I am not sure if the Japanese
>Zaurus works well with English.  Actually, the ninshiki system for
>Kanji doesn't register most non-Japanese people's nihongo unless
>the person went through Japanese schooling.  I primarily need an
>English palm top that has good battery life.  If I can connect it to
>a Linux box easily it would be nice.  Does anyone have any


I recommend the Psion. I have been using one for 2 years ( Series 3a, 512k )
and love it. I bought it because I liked the software on the unit ( Word
processor, Agenda, Spreadsheet, etc. ).
I bought the data/fax modem which has worked very well. When I am not having to
carry a laptop, I can still send faxes and work e-mail remotely. Software for
the unit has been increasing,
including such packages as Act! and MS Mail.

There is a fair amount of PD software for the unit, including a C compiler and
software for your Linux box allowing one to mount the Psion as a NFS drive via
a serial connection. I have read
in the past ( 1 year ago ) that this set-up was not ideal, but recently people
have been very pleased with the updated version of the software.

If you are interested in trying out the software or just wanting to get a feel
for the unit with out buying it, you can download the Series 3a emulator which
operates on DOS. It was designed for developers, but
no reason you can't use it to try out the unit without buying it.

File: ( Sorry don't have the ftp site on hand. Will try to send it
to you uuencoded )

Hope this helps.



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