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286 as dumb terminal

A few months ago someone mentioned using a 286 for something
more interesting than running DOS.

I just found this on USENET.

> 640K is fine for running Minix. I should know. I've done it. I had minix
>  running on a beautiful little Wang 286 with monichrome monitor, 640K RAM,
> and a 20M MFM hard drive. True, it's a bitch to get it working, but it is
> certainly possible. The trick is to tell the boot monitor to not use a ram
> disk... I would tell you exactly how to do it, but I can't remember and
> don't have a 286 near me to do it and list the directions... I gave the
> nice little Wang to my friend It was set up to dual
> boot DOS and Minix because I didn't have enough disk space to compile a
> new kernel with TCP/IP support. Sigh. I hope to get another 286 soon so I
> can. If you want to TCP/IP it with DOS to make a dumb terminal, I would
> suggest NCSA Telnet.


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