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Personal Digital Assistants

I found an interesting URL:

that describes how to connect a Zaurus PDA to a Linux box.

I have been looking at a PDA for a while to replace my heavy
day planner.  For a long time I was looking at a small notebook
computer and running Linux on it.  However, the battery drain of
the hard drive makes this option unfeasible.  A better idea might
be to buy a Zaurus or a Psion palmtop computer. There is a lot of
hype about Zaurus in Japan and I guess it comes with easy access
to nifty.  

I don't need the Japanese ability and I am not sure if the Japanese
Zaurus works well with English.  Actually, the ninshiki system for
Kanji doesn't register most non-Japanese people's nihongo unless
the person went through Japanese schooling.  I primarily need an
English palm top that has good battery life.  If I can connect it to
a Linux box easily it would be nice.  Does anyone have any


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