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Sponsorship of club services

> It is my belief that the only way for TLUG to continue to prosper is
> to seek corporate sponsorship of club services.  One thing we need is
> sponsorship for space to have a meeting.  TWICS can get space at the
> Foreign Correspondents Club if members pay about 500 yen per meeting.
> However, this does not strike me as a good long term solution.  It would
> be better if we could get a corporation to sponsor the meetings long
> term and have everyone avoid paying membership dues.  

I don't mind paying 500 yen to go to a meeting, but of course free
meetings are even better.  But I don't recall any meeting
announcements for a long time now.

> It occurred to me that this mailing list also requires a commitment 
> from a company.  TWICS now sponsors the list and maintains it mainly
> because I volunteer for it.  However, I think that this list would
> benefit from a long-term commitment.  One way to justify this commitment
> is to have a brief advertisement at the end of the list.
> The company benefits from having advertising.  The organization benefits
> from having a stable, supported, mailing list system.  
> In this way, the company can justify things like allocating time to
> upgrading the mailing list software, clearing up problems, etc.
> The proposed advertisement should be shown below.
> If there is criticism of this rational, please let me know.  

This all sounds very reasonable.  You might spare yourself criticism
in the future if you preceed the advertisements with a dashed line and
some explanation of what follows.

- Ken
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