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Java Applets and Sound

During a browse of the site, I was playing with
the multimedia applets.  I can't get the sound to play from a java
applet under linux.  Is there anything I need to do?  My SB16 sound card
is functioning properly and if I click on the same Sun Audio sound file
under Netscape 3.0, the sound is played with no problems.  However, when
I try to play the same file with a Java applet, there is silence. 

Are there any special configurations or problems I should be aware of 
when using the Java viewer in Netscape 3.0 under Linux?

Incidently, I tried Symantec's Cafe Lite integrated development environment
under Windows '95.  I couldn't figure it out so I moved back to emacs under
Linux.  I was also using Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 under Windows '95 to
write HTML documents under a WYSIWYG environment, but after the initial,
"Gee Whiz" phase, I gave up and moved back to emacs and Linux.  I also
tried installing MS Office 7.0.  However, the Internet Assistant packages
on the Microsoft site don't support Japanese software.  

I picked up three Java books in the U.S.  The best one I picked up
was O'Reilly and Associates' Java in a Nutshell, written by David 
Flanagan.  The chapter, "How Java Differs from C," was really cool.
The famous no-fat O'Reilly style of organization and handy right 


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