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Re: Upgrading to Kernel 2.0

   Leo> Have to get PPP running though (Keep getting Error PPP not
    Leo> Supported ). Will work this one out .. :->>

> This usually seems to come from not compiling the PPP driver into the
> kernel, and not loading the module.
I`ve compiled it into the Kernel . Was trying this last
night . I know it is to do with the Load Modules . Will
check this out in the next few days
I`ll continue to use 1.2.13 for PPP

>So if you fix everything the
> 1.3.XX -> 2.0 discussions say is broken, you should be fine.
 I like to get my hands on a List from 1.2.13-> 2.0
I noticed that is there is some recommendation of using
Redhat to upgrade ..Not sure about this ...
Still I don`t want to download Redhat ... I think it is
pretty simple otherwise(i hope it is ;-> )


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