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RE: Net Providers for Interop?

>>>>> "TMatsumu" == TMatsumu  <> writes:

    TMatsumu> Form: Reply Text: (13 lines follow) Naoto san: No,
    TMatsumu> you're not supposed to be able to read the little binary
    TMatsumu> attachment, it's a quirk in my email package.

Now that I have the following in ~/.promailrc, I never see it anymore, 
nor the excessive quoting:

:0 f
* ^From:.*asia\.adaptec\.com
| sed -e '/Original text: ([0-9]* lines follow)/,$ d'

I'll probably never write a nasty word to Ted again, it relieves me
so.  ;-)

                           Stephen John Turnbull
University of Tsukuba                                        Yaseppochi-Gumi
Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences
Tennodai 1-1-1, Tsukuba, 305 JAPAN       

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