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RE: Net Providers for Interop?

At 01:32 PM 6/17/96 EDT, you wrote:
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>On your question about PC's, I recommend you get a DOS/V Pentium 133 or 166, 
>32MB RAM, 1 or 2 Gig SCSI, 4x or faster SCSI cd-rom, there are tons of 
>places in Akihabara where you can get these, DOS/V Paradise, Tsukomono, 
>T-Zone, and one our list members here Yuri works for "Cybernetech" where we 
>bought some very nice P120s with Triton Motherboards that work great, and 
>pricing was competitive as well.

Thank you, Ted. It is really nice of you.
Yuri F. Anissimov, 
Home: 	tel/fax (81)-4-7349-3950
	142-3, Ooyaguchi, 115-103 Matsudo-shi 270, Japan
	e-mail: Compuserve: 100213,2152 
Office: Cybernetech Corporation.
	Hany Bldg. 1-1-21 Ningyocho, Nihombashi Chuou-Ku Tokyo 103, Japan
	tel. (81)-3-3668-8089, fax: (81)-3-3668-9872

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