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Re: Linux 2.0.0

In article <>, (Stephen J. Turnbull) wrote:
>I've been running pre2.0.2 for ten days now, no problems.  I had no
>problem with 1.2.0.  Four days ago was running pre2.0.6.
Yes, I've been using most of the pre's as well without problems.
There are a number of people reporting NFS problems with kernels
>=2.0.0pre9 but *I've* not been bitten.  (Of course the LANs in
my office and home are probably rather quiet compared to most

Netscape is working fine on our office LAN.  I've not tried PPP,
but it worked with 2.0.0pre14 (the last of the "pre 2.0" kernels).

>What has changed:
>- the /proc fs seems to have changed (although this could be an
>  artifact of the great crash); ps seems discombobulated.  You'll need 
>  to update your ps
You'll also want to change your SysVInit, since the way pipes work
has changed.  For PPP you will want 2.2.0f (e seems to work for me,
but I know I'm behind).

A good place to check is:
which gives some hints about what programs have fallen victim to
kernel changes.  A new place that was recently announced that I've
not yet checked is:

/usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes  has also been receiving more
attention lately, and is doing a better job of telling you about
the things that have changed/broken as well.

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