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Re: Linux 2.0.0

At 09:16 AM 6/10/96 +0900, you wrote:
>I've just installed Linux 2.0.0.  It boots!  (An improvement over
>the 1.2.0 release, if I recall correctly.)  I've just used it to
>do another latex2html pass over my latest document.  It works!
>Clearly it is stable and everyone should upgrade immediately.  :-)
Hi, I was wondering about X in Red HAT Release. they anounced that they will
use Accelerated X server. How much it is different from Aceelerated X that
is sold separately? Price is  quite different. What about Slackware and others?
If there is any semicommercial bundle?
Yuri Anissimov, Cybernetech Corporation.
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