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Re: Pentium Pro

>>Roughly how much does such a system cost?
>>Is it possible to by a motherboard in Akihabara and slot together my own
>>system? Or are dual processor systems something for the experts only?
>- System is VECTRON, costs around 600000Yen with 1.6 Gb IDE. Give me a call
>at 03-3668-8089 or you can drop at our office and have a look yourself
>(Ningyocho). I've never seen duals in Akihabara. But beware memory
>compatibility - most of the system uses ECC or Parity, or DIMM.

Thanks for the information.
I forwarded this information to the company (one of my customers) interested
in a really fast NT system to use as a web server.
Are you selling these systems, or just using them?


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