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Re: Pentium Pro

>  Try a name brand SMP system.  We ensure compatibility with all name brand 
>PCI systems, often as we have pre-release versions of their systems, and 
>vice versa.
>BTW, I'll be in Taiwan next week meeting with a lot of MB manufacturers, but 
>I have no idea if I'll meet your MB vendor, what's the company name?
- Thanks Ted, MotherBoard is some US made ~"microsystem" or whatever - have
to look it up in the office Monday. Brands are good, I agree, but most of
our customers are pretty much cost sensitive. You are the big guys, that is
different. Besides I think that as far as Adaptec is a standard de-facto in
SCSI world and makes the fashion - clonemakers should follow you. But you
can make life a little easy for them, preserving some basic compatibility
with older products if you are developing BIOSes so quickly. I am not a guru
- policy of keeping compatibility with XT computers made PC clones so poor.
Perhaps in 1 year from now new technology breakthrough will be over and we
all could take a break. Just letting steam out.  
>From: (Darren Cook)
>Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 15:15:45 +0900
>Subject: Re: 686 processor
>Roughly how much does such a system cost?
>Is it possible to by a motherboard in Akihabara and slot together my own
>system? Or are dual processor systems something for the experts only?
- System is VECTRON, costs around 600000Yen with 1.6 Gb IDE. Give me a call
at 03-3668-8089 or you can drop at our office and have a look yourself
(Ningyocho). I've never seen duals in Akihabara. But beware memory
compatibility - most of the system uses ECC or Parity, or DIMM.
>I read somewhere that the standard version of NT can cope with upto four
>processors, so I assume there is no need to upgrade the operating system?

- this is true for Win NT Server, Workstation supports only 2 CPUs.

>And, to get back to the subject of this mailing list, can Linux take
>advantage of dual processors?
>From /usr/src/linux-pre2.0.2/Documentation/SMP.txt:
>SMP support for Linux with up to 16 processors using the Intel MP

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