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Re: Linux vs BSD

  Thanks for the comparison chart.  Something that at one time was true, was 
that with BSD, that "someone in charge" could sign an NDA, obtain source 
code considered proprietary by a vendor, write a BSD device driver, and 
distribute the binaries.  Same couldn't be done with Linux.

By "taking a look at it", I'm not sure that you could observe "behaviors 
under load", for example, at one time, boasted about having xx 
millions of users ftp'ing off a pc simultaneously with BSD, but I'd be 
curious at what point Linux breaks down in this area.


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Original Text
>From, on 11/15/95 1:09 PM:
    Sam> Subject: Re: Linux vs BSD

Oh, no!  Not this again....  ;-)

    Sam> Hello Everyone!!  I have been using Linux for about six monts
    Sam> now and I'm happy with it.  The thing is some people aske me
    Sam> why don't I use bsd but I don't know why I should.  They
    Sam> always tell me that bsd is better but never give me a reason
    Sam> for it. It's the same right?  Does anyone know the different?

(1) Linux is more widespread as far as I can tell.
(2) Linux has better console support, and is generally somewhat more
(3) *BSD has threads.
(4) *BSD has (used to have?) better network support.
(5) Some *BSDs are binary compatible with some commercial software
    written for commercial BSDish platforms.
(6) BSD is the OS of choice for OS researchers, I'm not sure exactly
    why.  Probably because it is more coherent; the BSD community is
    much more tightly organized than the Linux community.  The Only
    Thing Linus controls is The Kernel; everything else is handled by
    whoever feels like it.  Thus, Linux has Distributions.  By
    contrast, each *BSD has an Organization or a Person In Charge.

In general Linux may have more "stuff", but that's not all that clear.

I've ordered the Infomagic BSD CD-ROM, and I will check it out.  The
last time I tried BSD was when Bill Joy's 386BSD was the only game in

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