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re: Linux vs BSD

I asked a friend of mine, Mike Durkin about this about 6 months ago.  There 
were some specific reasons why he uses BSD, and maybe he can repeat them 
here.  I'm curious to know if BSD bogs down under load like Linux does, are 
tcp sockets or buffer sizes smaller or less configurable under Linux?


Ted Matsumura, Adaptec Japan Ltd. 
ATM Program Manager, InterNetworking Technology (INTO)
phone: 03-5276-8433, Fax (03) 5276-9364 
Original Text
>From, on 11/14/95 7:37 PM:
Hello Everyone!!

I have been using Linux for about six monts now and I'm happy with it.  
The thing is some people aske me why don't I use bsd but I don't know 
why I should.  They always tell me that bsd is better but never give me 
a reason for it. It's the same right?  Does anyone know the different?

Thank you in advance for debugging my confusion.


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