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Re: mtools for NEC-formatted floppy disks?

Hello Iren.
>> A friend of mine in the Math department was asked by a 
>> Japanese visitor to help him read his data from a floppy >> he had used 
with a NEC
>> PC (I think the format was something like 1.2). 
>> My friend uses Linux and wondered whether there was >> anything like a
>> Japanese addition to mtools for this purpose.

Probably I will dissapoint you. I am not sure about Linux, never tried, but at 
PC you have to put a "1" at pin 2 of floppy cable connector. the point is NEC 
format uses different rotational speed and different block size. Moreover, 
there is several NEC formats. But sometimes you can read NEC disk only by 
using a software driver from PC DOS.\/V or MS DOS/V. Try this. If you need, I 
can look for a driver.

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