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Re: Please Help with FVWM

> Which suggests the infamous "can't use KON if I'm not root" bug.  I
> don't recall exactly what the problem was, but apparently the
> permissions on the KON fonts were set so that only root could use
> them, or something easy to check but easy to miss like that.  Have you
> checked all X font permissions?  I'm not a tar wizard, but I know that 
> tar does not necessarily give the right permissions to everything that 
> gets unpacked.

I'm always root on my machine.                 

> Try configuring everything to use the same fonts.  If JE-fvwm uses
> k14, then make XKlock use k14.  If XKlock still works, your X Windows
> installation is OK, and the bug is clearly in JE-fvwm or in its
> setup.  If XKlock then fails, it's probably something peculiar about
> the font.

Yesterday, I started fooling around with nls and locale. I don't
really know what they are for, but they have ja_JP files in there.
I started randomly copying the ja_JP.jis, etc files over the
default and noticed some change.  On one particular file, you start
getting random kanji instead of english, so that may be the key. I
noticed there was no ja_JP.euc in either directories.. do they

> Try using a different font from k14 in fvwmrc, too.

I tried using a 16 pixel Japanese font with no success.

> I assume you mean Mosaic L10N.  Both that and Netscape have
> multi-localization support built in.  I assume XKlock is a patched
> version of XClock, and again would have the support built in.  These
> all would probably work whether you have JE installed or not.

I think you are right. I doesn't matter which fvwm you use.  XKlock
is a kanji screen saver. It probably works on any X that has the
correct fonts.

> However, the locale directory should simply describe the locales
> available to multi-localized programs on your system.  It doesn't
> imply that programs will be able to handle them, nor provide them with
> the tools to do so.  Also, most programs should have defaults compiled
> in for the locale.  Then even if the locale is not fully specified,
> they can produce output (although not necessarily pretty).  If Mosaic
> and Netscape don't core on you, then probably your locale directory is
> OK.  (I don't know if they still do that.  But they used to.)

Can it be my computer? "ujis.fvwmrc" was included with every JE I
tried and has never worked, but I assume its possible to use
otherwise it wouldn't be included in version after version.

> Well, JE's clearly using a patched fvwm, then.  So it should work,
> although not necessarily anywhere but the author's machine :-(.
> Locale is selectable on a per program basis.  Presumably locale is set
> somewhere in the ujis.fvwmrc, although it might be inferred from the
> Fontset.  I guess at this point, though, you're going to have to ask
> somebody more familiar with the patched version of fvwm, like the
> author.  If you get no joy by 11/22 (that happens to be the date of
> the last final exam I need to give this term :-), send me mail
> personally and I'll try installing the JE and see what I can find.

While I'm spending time one this, I'm supposed to be studying for

Please try JE if you have time...

> Institute of Socio-Economic Planning                         Yaseppochi-Gumi
> University of Tsukuba            
> Tennodai 1-1-1, Tsukuba, 305 JAPAN       

Did Tsukuba ever turn out to become that "Science City" they were
talking about in Expo '85 (in Tsukuba)?  I haven't here that much
about it, so I was wondering.

Shige Abe

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