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Re: Please Help with FVWM

>>>>> "Shige" == Shigeru Abe <> writes:

    Shige> "Ujis.fvwmrc" is apparently the Japanese version of
    Shige> system.fvwmrc.  All the menus are in Japanese (its readable
    Shige> using KON).

Which suggests the infamous "can't use KON if I'm not root" bug.  I
don't recall exactly what the problem was, but apparently the
permissions on the KON fonts were set so that only root could use
them, or something easy to check but easy to miss like that.  Have you
checked all X font permissions?  I'm not a tar wizard, but I know that 
tar does not necessarily give the right permissions to everything that 
gets unpacked.

Try configuring everything to use the same fonts.  If JE-fvwm uses
k14, then make XKlock use k14.  If XKlock still works, your X Windows
installation is OK, and the bug is clearly in JE-fvwm or in its
setup.  If XKlock then fails, it's probably something peculiar about
the font.

Try using a different font from k14 in fvwmrc, too.

    >> (0) I assume that Japanese works everywhere but fvwm ....

    Shige> So far. XKlock will display Japanese but XCalendar will
    Shige> not. Mosaic and Netscape 2.0 b2 work, but nothing else

I assume you mean Mosaic L10N.  Both that and Netscape have
multi-localization support built in.  I assume XKlock is a patched
version of XClock, and again would have the support built in.  These
all would probably work whether you have JE installed or not.

    Shige> will.  There is a locale directory and I wonder if I need
    Shige> to do anything with that.  (usr/lib/X11/locale)

Multi-localization is not simply a matter of changing fonts,
unfortunately.  This is OK if all charsets are the same size
(bit-width) and the languages are all the same directionality (Hebrew
is multi-directional, text reads right-to-left, numbers left-to-
right!  Good grief).  Even so, dates and such will have the wrong

However, the locale directory should simply describe the locales
available to multi-localized programs on your system.  It doesn't
imply that programs will be able to handle them, nor provide them with
the tools to do so.  Also, most programs should have defaults compiled
in for the locale.  Then even if the locale is not fully specified,
they can produce output (although not necessarily pretty).  If Mosaic
and Netscape don't core on you, then probably your locale directory is
OK.  (I don't know if they still do that.  But they used to.)

Motif is much better about transparent localization than Athena or
(gulp!) Xt.  But even Motif programs are not easy to localize.

    >> (1) Even if it does, it is not necessarily true that
    >> ujis.fvwmrc uses your preferred fonts.  Try changing the fonts
    >> specified there.

    Shige> I'm using the fvwm that comes with JE.  It allows multiple
    Shige> fonts so you can select both a Japanese and Latin alphabet.

    Shige> ie. Font k14,a14

    Shige> Normal fvwm will give an error after the comma.

Well, JE's clearly using a patched fvwm, then.  So it should work,
although not necessarily anywhere but the author's machine :-(.
Locale is selectable on a per program basis.  Presumably locale is set
somewhere in the ujis.fvwmrc, although it might be inferred from the
Fontset.  I guess at this point, though, you're going to have to ask
somebody more familiar with the patched version of fvwm, like the
author.  If you get no joy by 11/22 (that happens to be the date of
the last final exam I need to give this term :-), send me mail
personally and I'll try installing the JE and see what I can find.

I can't promise I'll do it before then (I already owe Craig Wada-fonts 
installation instructions for GS), and by then I'll probably forget I
promised (my stack is the size size as that of the old HP calculators:
4), so please do remind me.

                            Stephen J. Turnbull
Institute of Socio-Economic Planning                         Yaseppochi-Gumi
University of Tsukuba            
Tennodai 1-1-1, Tsukuba, 305 JAPAN       

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