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re: Linuxdoc-SGML 1.4

Just curious, when is next tlug meeting?

Original Text
>From, on 10-28-95 1:33 PM:
Linuxdoc-SGML has been updated.  Version 1.4 corrects several
of the problems and eliminates some of the annoyances of Version
1.2.  The invoking scripts are now cleaner and more reasonably
named.  Output files are properly named instead of being a
function of the PID.  HTML anchors are properly formed.

I've set up a web server on the office LAN.  Using the Linuxdoc
tools has made it trivial for me to put the latest version of
my documents "on line" for others to browse without having to
print every revision for each user. has stopped mirroring sunsite until
they upgrade their disk capacity. mirroring
seems to be erratic at best.  If you'd like to get the update
from this side of the Pacific, you can find it at:

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