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Re: Linuxdoc-SGML 1.4

Can it include graphics inside the document?  I'm still working
on our document standardization project and I feel that it is
necessary to have graphics in the docs for screen captures, etc.

Say, on the topic of docs, can someone send me an example of
indexing with LaTeX?   I get to the point where I have the
filename.ind, but I don't know how to get it into the doc.
I have the makeindex files.

I'm still battling with my notebook.  I installed Accelerated X
from X-inside in hopes of getting 256 colors and 800x600 desktop.
For some reason it is not working with my Chips and Technologies
video chipset.  One really weird thing is that a portion of the
Windows desktop comes up when I start X under Linux.

New issue of Linux Journal arrived in the mail.

I also picked up a 16 port Stallion intelligent IO card which is
working pretty well.  Stallion is now supporting Linux with
supported drivers.


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