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Japanese and Linux

I found this on usenet:

     $*$*$*! =PMh$?! Linux $G$b =PMh$?$G$O$"$j$^$;$s$+!$i$7$$!#;0J?

;d$b;n$7$F$_$^$7$?. proxy server $G4A;z%3!<%I$rJQ49$7$J$/$F$b EUC,
JIS, shift JIS $N$$$:$l$N%3!<%I$G$"$C$F$bI=<($G$-$^$7$?. Linux,
Accelerated X 1.2 ($J$N$G X11R5)$G$9.

Evidently, the guy can read EUC, JIS and ShiftJIS *without* the
use of a proxy server.  He is using Accelerated X 1.2 (X11R5).  Takanori Uchiyama at Akazawa Lab. Dept. 


So, I guess it's possible.  BTW is the Japanese text showing up?
I am writing this in pico.


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