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netscape 2.0

I am testing Netscape 2.0b1 for Linux and am having an interesting
time finding bugs.  I can't access the DNS, but from what I hear,
this is a known bug.  One enticing feature is a menu item,
"Language Encoding" in the Options menu.  Evidently, I should be
able to read Japanese, Korean and Chinese if I had the fonts. I have
been using Mosaic LE to read Japanese and have had no problems, same
with kon and tin.  However, I have been unable to change the font
under Netscape.  Has anyone had any success?

Netscape 2.0 appears to have e-mail and news threading too.  I will
probably still use Pine and tin respectively, but the ability to
read Japanese web pages would be real nice.  I have not been keeping
up with Mosaic, but the speed that Netscape loads graphics was
much better than Mosaic the last time I looked.  If anyone gets 
Netscape to read Japanese, let me know.  I'm going to scan
through fj.os.linux and see if I find anything.  

BTW, Netscape 2.0 is too buggy for anything but testing.  


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