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  Many "IDE" and "ATAPI" products just don't work with each other, let alone 
with other operating systems.  

Anyways, back to Linux content:  What driver did you get your NEC ATAPI 
CD-ROM to be recognized with under Slackware's setup?  With my 2.01 release, 
I have 2 Sony IDE options, and a Mitsumi, none recognized my ATAPI CD-ROM 
attached to my IDE paddleboard.

Have you tried viewing movies (MPEG .dat files) movies with your ATAPI NEC 

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Original Text
>From, on 10/3/95 11:00 AM:
On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Jim Tittsler wrote:

> Kernels after about 1.1.8x have included native support for IDE
> CD-ROMs.

By IDE CD-ROM, do you mean ATAPI?   I use one of those in the
office.  Works fine.   Or does NEC use a proprietary interface?


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