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The Slacware setup program had options for 3 IDE CD-ROMs, 2 Sony, and a 
Mitsumi, none worked with my Reveal (NEC) cd-rom, even win95 doesn't have a 
driver for it, I need dos real mode drirver (nec_ide.sys) to have it 

SCSI what is outdated, SCSI 1?  Hey, at least SCSI conforms to standards, 
have you ever looked into the IDE EIDE ATAPI mess?

experiment: Go to Akihabara, buy an "EIDE disk drive > 500MB" at store 1, 
buy an "EIDE controller" at store 2, buy an IDE CD-ROM at store 3.  Try to 
make it work.

Do above with SCSI, and your chances of it working (as well as faster) are 
much better, IMO.

It may be true that 8 bit parallel SCSI the way we know it today will be 
outdated in a few  years though.  Read about Ultra Scsi on  Thanks.

Linux content: If SCSI is "definitely out-dated" why are the Linux mailing 
lists and FAQ's overloaded with SCSI questions?  Is Linux using "out-dated" 
technology ?? ;)


Ted Matsumura, Adaptec Japan ATM Program Manager
InterNetworking Technology (INTO)
Adaptec Japan Ltd.
(03) 5276-8433 (Voice)
(03) 5276-9364 (Fax)
Original Text
>From, on 10/2/95 10:39 PM:
>disk.  Works good.  Ran into trouble when it didn't have a driver for my 
>NEC cd-rom (hah, teaches me to buy IDE stuff ;) ), anyways, I wasn't 

SCSI is definitely out-dated.  Linux works fine with the NEC IDE
CD-ROM that came with my Gateway machine and with the much better
ones from Creative Technology that I designed.  :-)

Kernels after about 1.1.8x have included native support for IDE


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