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Re: New User setup - need advice

>> Here's what I want to do:  I want to run mainly from the CD right now, until
>> I get a larger hard drive.  I can spare about 75Megs on my *SECOND* hard
>> drive (drive D).  I guess I need to create a partition this size on drive D.
>> But then I would like to just boot from a floppy (Drive A) whenever I want
>> to experiment with Linux.
>While this would work, there are other alternatives to consider as well:
>The UMSDOS filesystem allows the creation of a unix-like file system
>on a standard MSDOS FAT filesystem.  (It also works on the new '95
>VFAT filesystem, but sees only the short/standard names).  This allows
>you to try out Linux without *any* repartitioning.  There is a performance
>hit, but it lets you explore.  If you have the Slackware "distribution",
>you will find one of the diskette images is configured to take advantage
>of this feature.
Sorry to be so uninformed here, but I'm just beginning to grasp what the
'Slackware Distribution' actually means. (I'm assuming 'distribution' refers
to the package of utilities bundled with the core program?).  I saw it on
some of the book/CD packages but had no idea what it was or why I would want
it.  What I have is a CD with the Linux Universe distribution.  Here's what
it includes:
Kernel 1.2.x, as well as misc tools from the Free Software Foundation, X
Windows (release 6), complete ELF (?), iBCS2 compatibility.  Don't know if
this gives people a clearer picture of what I have.  I don't know if I have

>Secondly, while you certainly can continue to boot from floppy, a faster
>alternative is to use the DOS program LOADLIN.  This program will load
>and begin the execution of a Linux kernel from the DOS prompt.  One way
>to use it is to take advantage of the config.sys menu options in DOS 6
>and above.  This way you can continue to use the master boot sector
>that makes you most comfortable.  (LOADLIN works fine with DOS 7 included
>in Win95, but you need to be in the standard DOS prompt mode since Windows
>doesn't support VCPI.  You either run it before the Win95 GUI starts
>(using F8 or F4) or use the shutdown menu to exit to MSDOS mode, and
>run LOADLIN from there.)
This option sounds like what I need.  Does this still involve a separate
Linux partition?  If I had a spare machine, I'd go ahead and mess around
with other options, but I absolutely need my PC up and running all the time,
so I'm really cautious about doing anything that might jeopardize that.

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