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Re: What is an MO?

>  I'm sorry to ask a nonsense question.  What is an MO?
Since I first brought it up in my own nonsense question; MO stands for
Magneto Optical disk.  This is a disk, about the same size as a 1.4Meg
floppy, that can hold either 128 Megs or 230 Megs.  The 23oMeg drives will
read both density disks.
   If sharing files with others is your purpose, MO is fairly common now so
it should be relatively easy to find someone else who can read your disk.
Also, as someone else pointed out, if you use it as a backup you can always
find someone to read your data.
   The problem with the Iomega drives is that they're proprietary.  I still
have my old Bernoulli drive.  I use it to store backups of large graphics
files - I think it's a much better technology than Syquest, but I could
never find a service bureau that supported it.

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