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In article <>, (Stephen J. Turnbull) wrote:
> respectively.  :-) For LaTeX, I cannot live without AUC-TeX (available
> by FTP from, I think).  Cuts out about 90% of backslash
> entry.

Thanks for the pointer to AUC-Tex. has an empty
FTP directory, but I found it on one of the Japanese CTAN mirrors.
I had noticed that the recent update to my favorite JED editor
had an AUC-LaTeX mode, but the documentation was non-existent
beyond the comments in the SLANG file.  First glance makes it look

>     Jim> in the QWERTZ format that the linuxdoc-sgml stuff was derived
>     Jim> from.  (QWERTZ is availble in the
> I'll have to look at this.

You may be disappointed since it definitely does not expose all of
the power of LaTex.  It is a convenient step up for something started
using the Linuxdoc-SGML methodology however.


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