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I tried out texinfo, which allows the viewing of hypertext documents as
well as printed documentation.  It is not that hard to write texinfo, but
I don't particularly care for "info."  I think that viewers like
lynx are much easier to use.  The October issue of Linux Journal
indicated that there is a texinfo to HTML converter.  This is the
only thing that keeps me interested in Texinfo.  If there were a good
way to convert one file to both hypertext viewable with Lynx and Mosaic,
as well as paper documentation, well I mean dvi or ps format, then
it would be worth learning something new.  I looked at SGML, but it is
too expensive to mess around with for the casual user.

My current idea is write some documentation in Texinfo and convert it
to both HTML and PS/DVI/ASCII.

Another idea is to just write some documentation in HTML since a viewer
like Mosaic can print out nice text from an HTML document.  The only problem
is that HTML does not offer enough control of the documents.

The Oct. issue of LJ also had a write up on AUIS Messages, a mult-media
mail system that runs on Linux.  As it required auis63L?-wp.tgz (the
word processing package), I loaded the WP first and played around with
it.  The WP executable is called ez.  EZ allows WYSIWYG output and the
ability to imbed sound, graphics, and the normal assortment of cool
decorations in the document.  I did a sample letter with a GIF, a
spreadsheet, and text of with various font sizes in it and converted
the document into PostScript for viewing with GhostView.  No problems,
even the coloring of the GIF came out nicely.

I then tried to get the MIME mailer to work, but it comes out with:
"requires SENDMAIL in /etc/sendmail" to work.  After reading that,
I quickly gave up, because my sendmail isn't working.

I imagine I will take another look at sendmail because MIME mail does look
quite interesting and auis messages is a full-blown MIME viewer, not one
of those weak ones like Eudora that just places the files in different
folders.  "Messages" is supposed to imbed the graphics directly into the
body of the text.

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