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Forejin (36)

> won't allow me to login as root.

Wow, this is getting a bit nasty.

do you think you may have some bad sectors on your root filesystem?

You might try booting from a floppy, unmounting the root filesystem
and do the check again.

The command to do it manually is :

# e2fsck -av /dev/hda2

if your root filesystem is on  /dev/hda2.

I am not sure how good a job the automatic disk checker does on
startup.  It might be the same.  On pages 171-172 of the Linux
Installation guide, it says:

"It is usually a good idea to unmount a filesystem before checking
The one exception is that you cannot unmount the root filesystem.  In order
to check the root filesystem when it's unmounted, you should use a maintenance
boot/root diskette.

blah, blah"

Though, it is doubtful that this will help, because it appears that
the filesystem is being checked at startup and the manual checking
with fsck should be the same as e2fsck.

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