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Well, I too just installed 1.1.45 and it seems stable after 15 minutes of
use :).  I certainly hope it's more stable than the 1.1.0 (yes 0) that I
was running previously.  So far I just installed the generic 1.1.45, to see
if it went well, it did.  Now I need to add a few patches (like PC Speaker
support (which worked in 1.1.0 BTW), and hopefully PCMCIA modem support
(which I could never get workin in 1.1.0, mostly due to IBM's stupid BIOS)).

Anyway, a quick question.  If you type "finger", where hostname
is the name of your linux system, it comes back with something like...

Welcome to Linux!  blah blah blah

users list..................

So, where does the hostname.hostname come from.  The reason I ask is my
machine's hostname is forejin (how original), but the finger returns (why twice?).



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