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[LINUX:6] PPP and DNS setup

About the new programs, thanks.
Say, did you ever get a DNS working?
This is my current setting up:
MacPowerbook running an HTTPD server, with hostname "elsie" is connected
to Linux with PPP running over a serial line.
The Linux machine has the /etc/hosts file that controls the routing.
The Linux machine also accepts dialup PPP from Macs and Windows machines.
As far as I can tell, Macs and Windows do not have the ability to
have a "hosts" file.  From the Linux machine, called "cow" I can do:
	telnet: cow
and it will work.
However, people dialing into cow have to use the numerica IP address, which
is rather hard to remember.  The average person dialing into cow uses the
following on a Mac:  Eurdora, Telnet, Fetch, and Mosaic.  They currently
have to use the IP address for everything.  Because cow and elsie
have different IP (only the fourth set of numbers) it is a hassle
to ftp to elsie and open another window for Mosaic or whatever.
I have tried to set up named, but am having problems.  Of course if
I connect to the Internet and use a US nameserver, everything works.
However, on a closed network, I have to get the DNS running or force
everyone to use numbers.
There may be some way to bypass this and force the machine that is
dialing in to use the /etc/hosts file on the Linux machine.  Any
ideas?  Getting the DNS up would be the best, but it is proving
to be difficult?
How do you do it on your network?
Linux is way cool.

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