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Re: [tlug] No Japanese input in a browser anymore

On Sun, 2024-03-03 at 12:13 +0000, wrote:
> That being said, I avoid ibus when possible, as it's been problematic
> for
> me with window managers (as opposed to desktop environments, where it
> seems
> OK), for several years now. It would help to know what distribution
> you're
> using, and what desktop or window manager.

I have used ibus for a long time without any issues. I tried fcitx and
couldn't get it to work to my satisfaction. I'm running Gentoo with no
systemd, and WindowMaker. 

> Also, I use firefox rather than chrome, so not sure if my experiences
> will
> be any help. In FreeBSD-14, which is my main workstation, fcitx5-anthy
> is
> working with chrome.

I don't think the specific browser is the issue since both Chrome and
Opera display the same problem. And it was working fine until I had my

> I would set up a test user though, and see if said user has the same
> issue
> to see if it's anything in your particular user's setup. 

This is an excellent idea. Thanks.

Stuart Luppescu
Chief Psychometrician (ret.)
UChicago Consortium on School Research

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