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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

On Wed, Oct 04, 2023 at 05:54:28PM +0900, lain. wrote:
> On 2023年10月04日 10:17, the silly Christian Horn claimed to have said:
> > fcitx5/mozc with the Sway windowmanager here,
> > no issues with input on Firefox and Chrome.
> Just wondering, what did you do to get Fcitx5 to work on Wayland to
> begin with?

Just a few steps, captured here:

The first one is Sway specific and to ensure that
'fcitx5 -d' is run on Sway startup.
The other steps should be applicable also on other window managers.

> I can only get it to work under X11, but not on Wayland.

I had issues with ibus on Wayland.. now also ibus works, but
I'm sticking with fcitx5.

> Now that I learned that Rakuten Mobile refuses to support a Pixel 3
> phone, I decided to switch to PinePhone full time now, and really need
> to get Fcitx5 to work on that damn thing.

For configuration, you probably want to attach a keyboard.
Curious to hear how fcitx etc., which are designed with laptops
and desktops in mind, work on mobile devices.  


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